In A.C.E we handle event management as a contemporary form of art, what is commonly known as conceptual art.

Our team consists of people with a variation of backgrounds, different skills and talents that aim to blend all these components with progressive marketing and communication techniques in order to create exceptional projects.

The heart of success stands in the generation of ideas. During this process all of our energy is focused on the analysis of the clients corporate or product identity. Using this as the main source of inspiration, we develop ideas that through artistic impression, the involvement of "fun", uniqueness and audio interaction, will give our clients a high "Return on Investment". The challenge in this level stands with reflecting the brand or product philosophy and features through conceptual techniques that will maximize brand loyalty.

In the planning process the first objective is to allocate the most suitable venue, people and materials that will subsequently reflect the event image and style.  During this stage the main objective is to research and find all the essentials that will stimulate the five senses and "provoke" the participants to something unique. Through in depth research and our continuous curiosity we manage to offer the best suggestions that will provide value for money.

Last but not least comes the phase of execution. This point is the vivid proof of our abilities. The key stands in the flawless coordination of all the elements that participate in the implementation, in order the event to encompass coherence and thus perfection.